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The relationships that I have built with families and learning their stories has made my job that much more gratifying.

My clients are happy to know that they can leverage my knowledge and relationships with builders and developers to their advantage! To learn more about what you can expect from the services that I provide, click below.

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Questions Usually Asked To Wayne

How much will it cost to hire you as my Realtor when purchasing a home?

The great thing about hiring me is that I am compensated by the seller (home developer/builder) for my services. You get the benefits of having representation for your purchase, making sure no stone is left unturned, and it's no additional cost to you! This gives you an added edge to your home buying process and peace of mind knowing that someone is walking with you through all the phases of construction, from the time you commit to purchasing all the way through closing.

Does it make sense to hire a Realtor for a new construction home?

There is virtually no downside to having a Realtor represent you in the purchase of a new home. In fact, it's actually encouraged by all parties, Developers and Builders included. Millions of dollars are left on the table every year due to new home shoppers not asking the right questions to new home developers! Make sure you have the right person so this won't happen to you.

Is it a good time to buy a new home right now?

It's an absolute GREAT time to buy! As you may or may not know, Orlando is currently booming. More and more tourists are visiting year after year and many are choosing to stay! With housing inventory as low as it has ever been, the best developers have been non-stop working on building new communities all over Central Florida to keep up with the demand for all of our new relocating residents. Due to these housing circumstances, home values and opportunities to own new construction homes continue to rise.

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