What I Do

I believe that every client deserves more than what they are to expect from a realtor. I can say that I’ll provide EXACTLY what you need to know about purchasing a new construction home. I can say that I know EXACTLY which home that will give you the best value for your budget within the location you choose. I also can say that I know EXACTLY which home builder is the most reputable, pays the most attention to detail, and uses the highest quality materials to build their inventory of homes. But all real estate agents will probably tell you the same thing. So instead of focusing on all of the obvious expectations, let me explain where my value truly lies.

Now although these things are provided and important to have, when working with me, it’s equally important to know that you’ll have a Realtor who understands exactly how a home is built from the ground up. This means that if the home is pre-built, I will manage all phases of construction until we arrive to a substantial completion. I will lay out all responsibilities for the builder and buyer, as well as risks, and be the front-line for any delays within the process. I’ve cultivated strong relationships with home builders that offer exclusive incentives for ME AND MY CLIENTS ONLY! If applying for a mortgage, although I'm no credit expert, I provide methods used through personal experience that can help you capitalize on the best possible outcome. Did I mention that your moving costs will be covered?

To put it simply, I remove any stress from your new home buying experience, making it as seamless as possible. Contact me today to discuss your options.

Additional Services

Take advantage and leverage the insurmountable experience that I have gained over the years. Below lists other services that I provide that will add tremendous value to you and your real estate needs:

Property Management
From resident screening and placement to increasing revenue and cash flow, your portfolio will be fully covered! Hiring me means having someone who knows how to minimize expenses and maximizing your net operating income.
Builders' Broker of Record
If you are a small to medium-sized housing development company, you have the opportunity to not only leverage services that are permissible only by a licensed broker but also take advantage of my sales reach, network, and transactional management. This results in you selling homes faster and at a higher volume.
Real Estate Investing
As a real estate investor, I look at all of my investments as a two part service. The first is being able to help a homeowner out of a stressful situation by purchasing a home that has somehow become a burden. The other is being able to invest back into that home, bringing value back to the community that was probably once lost.